About St. Thomas More


Mission Statement

The mission of St. Thomas More Catholic School is to provide a comprehensive educational program based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We challenge students to develop academically and spiritually to the best of their ability, while becoming responsible, respectful members of the Church and community.

Our Mission

We believe that the Catholic school is the best environment for quality religious education.

The message we promote at St. Thomas More is RESPECT:

R espect God, self and others.
E xperience ways of learning.
S erve those in need.
P ray and follow Jesus.
E stablish good work habits.
C reate lasting friendships.
T rust in God to become the best you can be.

St. Thomas More believes in educating the whole child in every aspect of their development.

Spiritually, a respect for God, self and others, is stressed through a study of the Catholic faith and by developing a value system. Prayer and the importance of Jesus in our life are shown through the celebration of student-planned, weekly liturgies and daily prayer in the classroom.

Mentally, students are challenged through classes that prepare them to carry out their roles as workers and citizens in a world increasingly shaped by mathematics, science and technology.

Culturally, students have opportunities to grow through their social studies classes, Spanish classes and by attending events at area venues. Music classes are an important part of the curriculum for all. Middle school students also have an opportunity to be a part of the school band.

Socially, students are encouraged to create lasting friendships with love and respect for all. An atmosphere of cooperation with others is stressed.

Service to those in need is a priority. Students assist at Paul’s Pantry.