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The Crucial Role of St. Thomas More’s Family Liaison

St. Thomas More Catholic School (STM) on the east side of Green Bay has become one of the few private schools in the Green Bay area offering a bilingual program. The school’s philosophy is to educate children in every aspect of their development: spiritually, academically, culturally, and to mentor them to thrive in the desire to serve those in need. As a multicultural school, St. Thomas More cultivates a strong bilingual, and bicultural environment, where both Spanish and English are used, taught and valued.

As a part of the STM mission, Alejandra Beals serves as the school’s family liaison; an important role that is crucial to facilitate the communication of what is happening in the classroom to the students’ households. Mrs. Beals’ goal as a liaison is to invite parents to be part of their student’s education by giving them the tools to succeed in their children’s academic goals. She navigates with them to have better knowledge of the procedures, protocols, and school expectations that are an important part of the school and GRACE system.

St. Thomas More is always looking for the best way to support families in whichever method is most comfortable for them. St. Thomas More uses technology that creates interaction more efficiently between parents, teachers, and staff. Without language barriers, parents and guardians are given the tools they need to help their students succeed.

St. Thomas More integrates and values Hispanic culture. The school believes that living the traditions will make a richer society and future generations will embrace the diversity of our community.

The goal of St. Thomas More is to have students that choose to continue their education wherever they feel God is calling them to go and to create a better future for themselves, and for our society. St. Thomas More exists to teach and guide them to serve others just like Jesus is leading us to live our lives.

To learn more about St. Thomas More, visit their website,, or call the office at (920) 432-8242.